Our Alpha Centre is the hub for all our activities. We offer educational courses, women's only spaces, free tea and a warm, clean space away from the camp.


Our community centre

Down the road from the camp, the Alpha Centre opens its doors every morning, 6 days a week. The centre is run for refugees and with refugees. Together, we strive to provide a space where individuals can have a respite from the unimaginable conditions of their daily reality. This is the only place on the island their names are learnt and remembered. Here, people are always welcomed with a smile and a wave, invited in to enjoy a game of chess, or merely to sit back and relax with a warm cup of tea. Dignity, humanity and respect are our guiding principles.


Adult informal education 

At the Alpha Centre, we provide English, French, German, Greek and Spanish courses. People of all levels study with us, starting from those just learning their ABCs to advanced students. We also offer women-only classes. Practical skills are also catered to in our sewing and computer classes.


Women-only activities 

We offer a women-only space throughout the week where women can attend classes and get some downtime. Mothers and children play together, while women study, enjoy arts and crafts and socialise.

Saturday afternoons are Women's afternoons. Alpha is transformed into a safe space where women and their children enjoy a day of crafts and relaxation. From our kids' space, to cooking, dancing, knitting, massages and more, we make sure that the ladies are spending their time in a comfortable environment while sharing a cup of tea and a chat.



Recreational activities

A wide range of recreational activities are on offer throughout the week. We currently run advanced and beginners’ music classes, as well as a singing class twice a week. Relaxation classes take place four times a week, combining meditation, yoga and breathing exercises. Other outlets for our students’ creativity and energy include art classes, and a breakdance class run by one of our community volunteers.




Every weekday evening, one of our community volunteers runs a fitness session, and everybody is invited. Push-ups, sit-ups, squats and more are featured in every class, where you’re guaranteed to break a sweat!