After coming back from Samos to Poland we gave a presentation about the refugees’ situation on Samos and worldwide and about the amazing work of Samos Volunteers. Over 30 people came to listen to our story as well as to ask questions, share views and concerns in a Warsaw cafe. We were happy to see that more than 200 people “marked as interested” in our public event on Facebook. After coming back to our hometown we’ve felt a need to share what we have witnessed - the difficult conditions that the migrants are facing and the different ways to actually help and support them. We genuinely encourage others to volunteer with Samos Volunteers.



Help represent us in your local community, raising awareness for our cause and what we do. A commitment of time and planning, combined with a bit of passion and creativity, to make amazing things happen for SV!



Want to make a big impact for refugees in Samos, from anywhere in the world? Our Fundraising Kit equips you with practical tips, tools and the know-how you’ll need to make the most out of your fundraising efforts and to help you launch the most amazing initiatives!



Presentations to your friends, family, schools, other groups, or the public; letter exchanges between our SV pupils and local school classes; sports challenges, dinners, receptions and concerts; crowdfundings.


To be part of Samos Volunteers was an amazing experience for me in so many ways. I think it wasn’t until I got home, when I had time to see things from a distance and to let all the new impressions sink in, that I realized what an impact the month on Samos had on me. Samos Volunteers is a very nice and genuine organisation, very close to reality and to the people. You can maybe not change the world, but you can make a different in 10 or maybe 100 people’s lives, and that also means a lot. This realization, together with the interest and positive feedback from people I met back home, is what motivated me to keep working for SV also after leaving Samos.