Our volunteers work in a crisis environment.

Sometimes we have to work very long hours at short notice and we have to deal with situations that we are not used to, including emergencies. For this reason, everyone applying to our organisation needs to be mentally and physically fit. Our coordinators and supervisors will provide you with support and training throughout the process.

Before applying to volunteer with us, please watch the video below to have a better understanding of the situation for refugees living in the camp in Samos and make sure that you meet all of our requirements.




  • Strict 6 weeks minimum commitment due to the nature of our work;

  • English-speaking;

  • Over the age of 18;

  • A working phone with Facebook messenger;

  • Self-funded. This includes organising and covering the costs of your own transport, living costs, and activities outside of our projects. For more information, see our Travel & Accommodation page;

  • We cannot accept applications more than two months in advance of your starting date; and

  • We do not accept researchers or interns.

More than 4,000 refugees and migrants currently reside on the Greek island of Samos, and the refugee camp with a capacity for only 700 people is bursting. Poor hygiene and harsh weather conditions are posing a threat to the migrant population.

If you have any further questions, please check out our FAQ page or send us an email at recruitment@samosvolunteers.org.