Our work is entirely carried out by private donations, 100% of which goes straight towards our projects in support of refugees and the running costs of our group. With your support we are able to purchase educational equipment for teachers and our students, supplies for recreational activities and workshops, and equipment for DIY projects and building work. Whenever possible, we purchase vital items locally to avoid extensive delivery costs and contribute to the island’s economy. 


You can find our Financial Statement of 2017 here

Prefer to do your own bank transfer?

You can make a donation through our donation form or donate directly into our bank account, using the following details: 

IBAN: ES36 2100 8133 1601 0029 1008


For further bank account details, please click here.

Do you have items you wish to donate?


Sometimes purchasing much needed items on the island is just not possible for us. So we still rely heavily on items being sent to us from abroad. Please take a look at the items on our urgent needs list to see if you can help out!


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Take a look at our Amazon wish list! This is updated regularly with items we need for our activities, which we cannot necessarily buy here on the island! Purchase online, and the items can be sent directly to us here in Samos. 




Bringing donations with you to Samos?

Some international airlines will allow you to check-in one piece of luggage containing donated goods above the usual luggage limit, for no extra fee. But always check with them in advance. We have, however, prepared a document which you can send an airline requesting extra charity luggage allowance. Please send us a message to request this (or if you have any queries), and we can personalise it to your flight and airline.

Domestic airlines in Greece usually will charge you for taking extra luggage. As an alternative to flying, you could take the ferry service from Athens to Samos, enabling you to take as much extra luggage as you like. Here is the link to the ferry service.