Identità migranti. Dall’isola di Samos a Torino - 26 April 2018

"“Samos. Happy Summer” annuncia un tipico telo da mare, modello souvenir. Tra una meta turistica e l’altra, fra uliveti e ombrelloni, compare il simbolo di una tenda da campeggio, ricamato sulla spugna: “hotspot” si legge accanto..." - Artribune


Europe's shame: The abuse and sexual exploitation of migrant kids in Greece - 27 March 2018

"The situation for refugees in Greece is dire. Violence is common in the overcrowded camps, many are homeless. The most vulnerable are particularly affected by this: there is rampant abuse of migrant children, according to researchers and aid workers..." - INFOMIGRANTS


Greece: MSF activity update - 16 March 2018

"MSF has been supporting the ‘Samos Volunteers’ group with in-kind donations; in early January 2018, a massive MSF donation of hygiene items was distributed through their volunteers’ network to the RIC population, to contribute to a needed sanitization effort of the overcrowded camp..." - Medicins Sans Frontieres 


Geen verbetering op de Griekse eilanden, ondanks alle beloftes - 8 March 2018

"Vluchtelingen op Griekse eilanden zinken weg in uitzichtloosheid. Hij moet ergens begin vijftig zijn, wat hem tot de oudste in het gezelschap maakt. Met een zakdoek wrijft hij over zijn vermoeid gezicht. Een paar ogenblikken, net te lang, kijkt hij naar de diepzwarte vegen die zijn gelaat heeft achtergelaten..." - Mondiaal Nieuws


Leaking tents, blubber and diseases: that is how refugees live in the 'open-air prison' on this Greek island - 28 December 2017

"The asylum seekers' camp on the Greek island of Samos is calculated for 700 people, but in the leaking tents there are sometimes three times as many refugees. Their situation is so hopeless that some people see a suicide attempt as the only ticket from the cold blubber..."


Io, tra i profughi di Samos. Qui la speranza è un ricordo  - 28 December 2017

""Lasciate ogni speranza voi ch’entrate": all’ingresso del campo profughi di Vathy, a Samos, in Grecia, non c’è la scritta di dantesca memoria. Non sarebbe un primo impatto opportuno per le migliaia di donne e uomini che vi arrivano dopo un viaggio in mare, in fuga dalla guerra o dalla fame..." - Bresciaoggi


Greece to help refugees prepare for winter - 22 December 2017

"The Greek government is making a concerted effort to take refugees out of overcrowded camps on the Aegean islands before the deep winter sets in..." - Al Jazeera


What I learned in the second-largest refugee camp in Greece - 29 November 2017

"Jamal scampers toward me, wearing a Michael Jordan jersey and sandals a few sizes too big. He is thin, as are most of the children in this camp. “My friend!” he shouts. “NBA!” He trips on his shoes as he shoots an imaginary ball over a tree branch. A bunch of youngsters giggle. Nearby, a woman sobs as camp policemen hover around her and ignore her pleas..." - J. Weekly


Mladý Palestinec se chtěl naučit hrát na kytaru. Sen si plní v uprchlickém centru na ostrově Samos - 14 November 2017

"Bez peněz, ale s velkým talentem. Mladý palestinský uprchlík se po několikatýdenním putování dostal na řecký ostrov Samos. V tamním uprchlickém centru si začal plnit sen a učí se hrát na kytaru. Pomáhají mu při tom dobrovolníci ve společenském centru..." - iROZHLAS


Breakdance i jazykové kurzy. Už půl roku na řeckém ostrově Sámos funguje centrum pro uprchlíky - 12 November 2017

"Záchranná stanice. Centrum první pomoci či klub radosti a naděje. Tak uprchlíci nazývají společenské centrum Alfa na řeckém ostrově Sámos, které je jediné svého druhu na všech řeckých ostrovech. Díky dobrovolníkům z celého světa funguje už půl roku a jeho služby za tu dobu využilo více než 3500 migrantů..." - iROZHLAS


'I left prison but arrived in another prison' Refugees speak of overcrowding at centres on Greek islands - 17 October 2017

"A Welsh volunteer has said the refugee crisis in Greece is 'far from over' as over ten thousand refugees remain trapped on its many islands..." - ITV News


Migrant Crisis on Samos Reaches Breaking Point - 9 October 2017

"Over 2,200 people are staying in and around the Samos migrant camp even though the designed capacity is for 700 people, the humanitarian organization Samos Volunteers (SV) says..." - Greek Reporter


AYS SPECIAL: Living in a state of shock on Samos - 3 October 2017

"According to some estimates, there are almost 4000 people in and around the camp in Vathy, Samos island. The capacity is around 700. There is not enough water, medical or psychological help, and the overall depression is spreading from the camp to the small city. Although the rainy season is coming, nobody has any plans for the future..." - Are You Syrious?


Lying in between Samos - 18 September 2017

"La storia di oggi è dedicata ai Samos Volunteers, all’Alpha Center e a tutte le persone che ci hanno accompagnato in queste tre settimane sull’isola. Senza il supporto di questa associazione il nostro lavoro sarebbe stato senz’altro più difficile, così come non avremmo raggiunto gli stessi risultati senza la fiducia e la totale collaborazione delle donne e degli uomini che, ogni giorno, scendono dal campo per partecipare alle attività del centro..." - Fondazione Fotografia Modena


Refugee surge on Greek islands - 16 September 2017

"As smuggling activity in the Aegean Sea has reached the highest level since last fall, the Greek islands are once again becoming overcrowded. Diego Cupolo reports that most new arrivals come via Turkey..." - Deutsche Welle


Hadaya goes to special school - 8 August 2017

"In Syria, a country in the Middle East, it has been war for six years. Millions of Syrians have since fled the violence in their homeland. Most Syrian refugees reside in neighboring countries such as Jordan and Lebanon. But some families are trying to flee to Europe. They hope that their children get better future opportunities there." - Ketnet

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Στo Hotel Paradise στη Σάμο Συνυπάρχουν Πρόσφυγες, Αστυνομικοί και Τουρίστες σε μια Ουτοπία - 11 July 2017

"Ακολουθήσαμε τους Γιατρούς Χωρίς Σύνορα στο ξενοδοχείο στο Βαθύ της Σάμου, που ανατρέπει στερεότυπα και βεβαιότητες..." - VICE

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The Psychological Toll of Volunteering at a Refugee Camp - 13 January 2017

"Lazar Dimitrijevic first came to Samos, Greece last March. The 23-year-old, who was earning his master's degree in human security, took a short trip to the island to see the situation "with my own eyes." What he found rattled him..." - VICE