Who we are looking for... 

Samos Volunteers' are looking for team players, who can also work independently and use their initiative and remain professional in an often stressful environment. We need people who are patient, who will respect systems already in place, but can bring new and fresh ideas. Our timetable changes daily and our roles vary depending on the day-to-day needs. For this reason, an open-mind and a flexible approach to work is essential. If you are a teacher, you probably won’t just be teaching!


  • We cannot accept applications more than two months in advance of your starting date.
  • We do not accept researchers or interns. 



  • 4 weeks minimum commitment. 
  • English-speaking. 
  • Over the age of 18. 
  • Flexibility.
  • A working phone with Facebook messenger. 
  • Mentally and physically fit.

Before you apply...

Please be aware that as an independent volunteer, you are expected to organise and cover the costs of your own flights, transport, accommodation and activities outside of the project. Also, please take a look below to find out more about the activities we are running. 


Be it in the Alpha Centre, shelters for vulnerable families, or up at the camp, we teach English, French, German and Greek language, and run computer and CV classes. This is to ease the transition for people into Europe, who have been on the island for many months without any formal work or study.


From Monday to Saturday we have volunteers in the laundry station washing clothes. We go to the camp twice a day to ticket the beneficiaries in a systematic way and make sure that everybody gets a chance to get their clothes washed in a washing machine. This is crucial, particularly during the winter, where it is impossible to wash clothes due to the weather conditions. 

Warehouse & Logistics 

All of our volunteers help out in our warehouse with sorting donations or carrying out distributions in the camp. We also look for people who can help out with the general running of the organisation, administrative tasks, and social media or communications experience. 

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Alpha Centre Team

The Alpha Centre requires a team of people everyday working to keep it running. With hundreds of refugees coming to classes and recreational activities each day, volunteers help show people to classes, fill up the tea, coffee and water stations, keep the toilets clean, and be there to answer any questions! 


Kids' Activities

For 2 hours every afternoon, we head to the camp to laugh, play and create. We begin with songs they know well to encourage their confidence and channel their initial energy productively as a group. We then provide multi-step crafts, requiring the kids to focus and to practice their fine motor skills, which they can then show off to their family and friends at the end of the activity!


One of the most important activities we have found is physical exercise. We have introduced a fitness activity every evening up at the camp and a morning running club. We also host yoga and relaxation classes at the Alpha Centre, along with a breakdancing class. 

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Women's Activities 

Saturday afternoons see Alpha transform into a safe space for women only, enabling them to make use of the entire building which is usually dominated by men. We hold English lessons, cooking, dancing, art workshops and activities for their young children. The ladies can get comfortable, chat freely and enjoy a cup of tea. 

The Library

Since the beginning of 2017 Samos Volunteers has acquired a large collection of donated books in English, German, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu and Kurdish. With these resources we have been able to bring into the camp a mobile library for both adults and children. Twice a week we set up our library table where people can check out books for two weeks at a time or renew their books. 

Recreational Activities

We run advanced and beginner music classes, as well as practice sessions, throughout the week. Art classes are running twice a week, and range from still life drawing, to oil painting, to sculpture. Depending on the skill sets of volunteers, we also run special workshops, ranging from dance to woodwork to cooking classes.


Need some more information? Send an email to recruitment@samosvolunteers.org