Samos Volunteers are welcoming refugees and asylum-seekers from the camp and shelters around Vathi to our educational and recreational programme. We are looking for support through time, donations, and sharing ideas.  

Currently, we are looking for volunteers to help us out during September, October and November. Our timetable changes daily and our roles vary depending on the day-to-day needs. For this reason, an open-mind and a flexible approach to work is essential. If you are a teacher, you probably won’t just be teaching!

Some of the skills we are looking for....

Teaching experience with adults or children (English, German, French or Greek)

Artistic or musical talent

Social media or communications experience

Ability to run safe and structured activities with children

Language skills (particularly Arabic, Farsi, Greek, French, Urdu and Kurdish)

‘Green fingers’ (gardening skills!)

Interest in fitness and exercise, to run our classes

Administrative tasks and working at the Alpha Centre reception

Happy to help out in our warehouse

Keen swimmers (during the summer months)

Experience working with refugees, unaccompanied minors, or IDPs.

Application Form:

We are now accepting volunteers from september! 

Please make sure that you can meet all of the above requirements prior to filling in our APPLICATION FORM.


Please note, we cannot accept - 

  • Applicants who apply for a position more than two months in advance.
  • Applicants who are intending to come to Samos to carry out research.
  • Anyone under the age of 18. 

Only applications for September, October and November will be considered. 


  • A minimum commitment of 4 weeks. Although we encourage you to stay for as long as you can!
  • To use your initiative. For example, in finding your own transport each day, organising your accommodation, and taking responsibility for the tasks you are given.
  • To always be reachable. Daily routines can often be disrupted by certain situations, such as the arrival of refugees on the island. It is crucial that all volunteers are contactable at all times and are able to adapt to new circumstances.
  • To respect systems already in place. 
  • Flexibility. Willing to work outside of normal working hours - the work in Samos is often unpredictable.
  • English. Although our volunteers come from all over the world, we communicate primarily through English.

the next steps...

Here's some helpful resources to look at once you have been accepted as a volunteer >> Click Here!