our roles

Educational activities

We are looking for enthusiastic teachers (ideally with some experience/teaching qualification) to provide education to adults and children

  • English, German, French, and Greek teachers, at beginner to advanced levels.
  • Art and music teachers.
  • English teachers for children at 3 shelters for vulnerable families and unaccompanied minors around Vathi.

Recreational projects

We are always looking for new ideas for projects and activities for people of all ages, as long as the projects are sustainable, and can be handed on to future volunteers.

  • The library
  • Swimming lessons for both adults and children, chess and backgammon, knitting, yoga, dancing, activities for children, men’s fitness, women’s hiking, music, dancing, and many more!
  • Volunteers are encouraged to propose projects/activities.

Distribution and Warehouse

An important part of what we do is in the area of distribution, therefore, every volunteer will spend time in our warehouse and in the camp.

  • Providing hot tea in the mornings and afternoons for the residents of the camp
  • Distributing dry clothes, shoes, blankets, food and water to new arrivals 
  • Working in the warehouse to prepare pallets of clothes to send and creating the emergency packs for new arrivals.

Other Tasks

Samos Volunteers is a small group with huge ambitions and expanding resources. We rely on participation from everyone in tasks that help the group stay organised and function smoothly. A large part of this is flexibility: being able and willing to do what is most needed.

  • Reception at Alpha: working at the Alpha desk to record class attendance, answer any questions, talk to new students and direct them to the right classes.
  • Closing Alpha: Before we leave our new space every night it is important that we make sure it’s clean and tidy. This is an example of a small thing which every volunteer needs to be willing to do.


what we expect from our volunteers

  • To have a team-orientated attitude. 
  • To use your initiative. For example, in finding your own transport each day, organising your accommodation, and raising ideas at the weekly meeting.
  • To look after yourself and others. Do your best to eat properly, drink enough water, and be rested. The work can be exhausting, so don’t be afraid to ask for a day-off.
  • To treat refugees with dignity, not pity, and to respect their privacy.
  • To always be reachable. Daily routines can often be disrupted by certain situations, such as the arrival of refugees on the island. It is crucial that all volunteers are contactable at all times and are able to adapt to new circumstances.
  • To respect systems already in place. The group benefits hugely from the range of experiences and skills that volunteers bring, but please do not try to change things without discussing with the coordinators first. 
  • To not take photographs inside the camp (it is illegal), and to not capture people’s faces.



Please ensure that you can meet all of the following requirements: 

  • Minimum of 1 month. We only accept volunteers who can commit to a minimum of 1 month volunteering with us. This is to ensure continuity in teaching and activities which are sustainable, for the benefit of the refugees.
  • Flexibility. We are looking for volunteers who are willing to work outside of normal working hours, and take part in our other activities, such as tea distribution and completing tasks in the warehouse. The work in Samos is often unpredictable.
  • English. Although our volunteers come from all over the world, we communicate primarily in English.
  • Applying too early. Please do not apply more than two months in advance of your start date of volunteering. The situation here is unstable, and we cannot predict the needs of our team so far in advance. 
  • Research. We do not accept applicants who are coming to Samos to carry out qualitative research.
  • Over the age of 18.



We are now accepting volunteers for august and september! 

Please make sure that you can meet all of the above requirements prior to filling in our APPLICATION FORM.

NOTE: only applications for August and September will be considered. 


the next steps...

Here's some helpful resources to look at once you have been accepted as a volunteer >> Click Here!