Our work depends completely on private donations. We are volunteers, which means 100% of your donation goes straight towards supporting and empowering our beneficiaries. From educational equipment to colouring pencils for our kids’ recreational activities, from detergent for our Laundry Station to keeping the lights on in the Alpha Centre, your support makes it makes everything we do possible.


Donate money

You can make a donation through our donation form, and see how our money is spent each month.

Make a bank transfer

ES36 2100 8133 1601 0029 1008


Send us items

Take a look at our Amazon Wishlist. Here, you can purchase items that we cannot easily/cheaply get on Samos, and they are sent straight to us!

Bringing donations with you to Samos

Feel free to email us at admin@samosvolunteers.org to find out if there’s anything you can bring to help us.