We're an independent group of volunteers responding to the refugee crisis. 

Samos Volunteers provides help and support to refugees and asylum-seekers living in the camp and shelters on Samos, by instilling a sense of normality, combatting boredom, and empowering people while they wait for their asylum to be processed. We endeavour to do this by identifying and fulfilling the needs of new arrivals and vulnerable people, and sustaining informal educational activities and recreational projects for both children and adults.


Help us help them.

Samos Volunteers is entirely funded by private donations. If you are interested in helping us continue our work, please click on the buttons to learn more about the different ways in which you can support us. You can donate money, send us items that we cannot easily buy on the island, host a fundraiser, or become an SV ambassador! 


A call for volunteers!

We need your help! Can you offer your time and skills over the next few months? 

Samos Volunteers are welcoming refugees and asylum-seekers from the camp and shelters around Vathy to our educational and recreational programme. We are looking for support through time, donations, and sharing ideas.  

Our timetable changes daily and our roles vary depending on the day-to-day needs. For this reason, an open-mind and a flexible approach to work is essential. If you are a teacher, you probably won’t just be teaching!


Latest news from Samos. 


17th May 2018: Happy Birthday Alpha!

In honour of the Alpha Centre's one-year anniversary, our alumni-volunteer Rachel Forbes put together this awesome video showing what we do day-to-day. Check it out (turn on the sound) and see for yourself why we're so proud today!

To find out more about what goes on in the Alpha Centre, click here


28th April 2018: Empowering women

Thanks to the help of Anastasia at the Hellas Tang Soo Do Association, we were able to offer a self-defence class for girls this month! The class was offered to girls under 18, who transformed into young warriors and had fun breaking boards, breaking grips, and breaking their own expectations. The camp is a dangerous place for young women, who are more likely to be targeted and assaulted. So, the skills these young women learned were incredibly important and targeted towards keeping themselves safe in worst case scenarios. 


23rd April 2018: Race day

Samos Volunteers was ahead of the pack at a 5k and 10k race that brought together local residents and people from the camp in friendly competition. The race, in honour of a local fitness guru who pushed many in Vathy to better themselves in his lifetime, began with people from all different parts of the world celebrating a long-standing community tradition shoulder to shoulder.  Alpha regulars got involved in many different ways; with signs, with t-shirts, and with their legs! We learned how to say 'good race' in many different languages that day, including Greek! 

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20th April 2018: Dreaming Wide

Our wonderful teacher and mentor, Nicolò Govoni had trouble finding textbooks that really connected with his class of thirteen and fourteen year-olds. He put together lesson plans and exercises that are more appropriate for his students and useful for their vocabulary needs. "Dreaming Wide: an Informal Education Program For Refugee Children" is now available in PDF format on Samos Volunteers' website and we could not be prouder. Thank you Nicolo!

Check it out here


10th April 2018:
The Flying Seagulls

The Flying Seagulls came to Samos... again! They brought along new songs, new toys, and new energy. Their Van-tastic crew kept pulling out new surprises with each show, and believe us: they had a lot of shows! They used instruments to get the kids involved, magic materials to get the kids sitting in awe, and international costumes to get the kids laughing. Best of all, they brought Sumo Suits! Even the most timid in Alpha brought out their game faces once the suit was on, and boy did they all want to win!