We're an independent group of volunteers responding to the refugee crisis. 

Samos Volunteers provides help and support to refugees and asylum-seekers living in the camp and shelters on Samos, by instilling a sense of normality, combatting boredom, and empowering people while they wait for their asylum to be processed. We endeavour to do this by identifying and fulfilling the needs of new arrivals and vulnerable people, and sustaining informal educational activities and recreational projects for both children and adults.


Help us from abroad.

Samos Volunteers is entirely funded by private donations. You can donate money, send us items that we cannot easily buy on the island, host a fundraiser, or become an SV ambassador! 

A call for volunteers!

We need your help! Can you offer your time and skills? 

Samos Volunteers are welcoming refugees and asylum-seekers from the camp and shelters around Vathy to our educational and recreational programme. We are looking for support through time, donations, and sharing ideas.  

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Latest news from Samos. 


Summer 2018: The FIFA World Cup

There are few things that bring people of all nationalities together like good football: and so, we watch together. On a daily basis, we have been driving up to the camp and setting up shop under the olive trees, where together we enjoy the craziness, surprises, and excitement that the World Cup 2018 has brought us so far. Regardless of what team is playing or what country you are cheering for, tens to hundred of people come together every day and cheer and shout in celebration, whoever scores. With another week ahead of us until the finals, the soccer spirits couldn't be higher! 


21st of June 2018: World Refugee Day 

Together with all our friends from the camp, we celebrated World Refugee Day in the grand amphitheatre  in  Old Vathy. Looking out over the bay, we came together and enjoyed all the incredible skills of the amazing people who took part in the great Talent Show! We enjoyed an amazingly impressive break dance show, our hearts broke during an incredible play about the journey of some our friends, and were surprised by an extraordinary 'skate show'. This day, today, and everyday: we stand with refugees, and keep fighting for a world where everyone is welcome and has a home. 


17th May 2018: Happy Birthday Alpha!

In honour of the Alpha Centre's one-year anniversary, our alumni-volunteer Rachel Forbes put together this awesome video showing what we do day-to-day. Check it out (turn on the sound) and see for yourself why we're so proud today!

To find out more about what goes on in the Alpha Centre, click here