The RLC legal counselling team consists of a supervising coordinator, 2 - 3 legal counsellors and translators. They are providing:

  • General legal information workshops about the asylum procedures;

  • Individual counselling and preparation for the asylum interviews and accompaniment to interviews;

  • Supporting family reunification cases.

Samos Volunteers have rented an office space for the legal team to work from and counsel clients. This has been sponsored by two Samos Volunteers Partners (Tijn Jakobs and the Marlow Refugee Action Group). Our Partners are funding the rent of the office space and covering the running costs in order to provide a calm, private and professional environment to meet refugee clients.

RLC counselling sessions allow refugees to have the chance to understand the asylum procedure in sufficient depth and with regard to their individual history. However, this work is time consuming and although counsellors work tirelessly to cover around 100 cases per month, this number fades in comparison to the currently 3,900 refugees on Samos.

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