The Refugee Law Clinic (RLC) Berlin arrived at the end of February 2018 in response to the high demand for legal aid on Samos. With the implementation of the EU-Turkey Deal, access to justice for refugees has become increasingly difficult.

The legal team, made up of a coordinator, two to three legal advisers and translators, provide:

  • Workshops on the asylum process

  • Individual counselling and support ahead of asylum interviews, and accompaniment to the interview

  • Support in family reunification cases

The counselling sessions give refugees the chance to understand the asylum process in sufficient depth, with regard to their individual history. Although the legal team works tirelessly, they are only able to cover around 100 cases per month, a number that pales in comparison to the current size of the camp.

Samos Volunteers has rented an office space for the legal team to work from and counsel clients. This is sponsored by two Samos Volunteers partners (Tijn Jakobs and the Marlow Refugee Action Group).

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